Saturday, February 2, 2013


HELLO there followers...been quite busy with the world so I kinda forgot this site for bad! I hope I can make up for lost time...and I hope you are still there to support my kind of style - madman style!

I did mention that this will be turned into a PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG sometime ago...sharing with you tips on how I shoot my images and some workflow tips on how to get the most out of the camera you have with you, which doesn't necessarily mean a DSLR...ahahaha!

I do not consider myself a PRO with regards to PHOTOGRAPHY per se...I am a work in experience with VIDEOGRAPHY taught me all what it is there to know on how to get great shots in STILL...and my background in ARCHITECTURE helps a lot in taking awesome images. That's why in the process, I organized a workshop series to share what I know to people who also wants to learn the proper way of creating beautiful images; people who are not able to afford high-priced workshops and don't even own a DSLR.

It's good to be back...I missed writing and very few people of NOW know that this is part of me ever since high school...and there has been a lot of goings on that I need to share with you guys.

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