Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my imaginenation

its been quite a while since i visited this blog...i would've considered this as a goner by now(check my last entry)!hahahaha!
anyway, the last days of school is dwindling in the horizon just about ready for the holiday vacay...but that would mean NO WORK, NO PAY!??!...darn it!hahahaha!(notice the rhyme?) but yes, i am pissed because of that...why you ask?...hmmmm...well, first and foremost, it's becauseof the reason that i am not getting any 13th month pay because i am a part-time employee and according to BU's rulebook, we don't get none! here's my inquisitive pondering question: aren't I an employee?don't I teach at the same institution? with enthusiasatic exuberance, i decided to investigate on the said anomaly and found out that this has been going on for years now...that part-timers are not considered casual or contractual employees(then what are we?)...that we would not be entitled to any government benefits, not to mention that 10thousand peso christmas bonus to be given away by the national government to all employees working in government institutions. but alas, it breaks my heart to say that we PART-TIMERS are not considered as government employees, dosn't that suck to high heaven?hahahaha!

its what's been plaguing this nation for is the one reason why Filipinos risk of being DRUG MULES to earn extra is the reason why Filipinos become slaves in another land because the government cannot provide a decent way to earn a living for its is the same reason why Filipinos migrate to the U.S./ AUSTRALIA/ NEW ZEALAND  because the way of living here has deteriorated and has gone to the dumps!

i have high hopes for the people of this country because i grew up seeing 6presidents turn this country from best to worst...i grew up in the Marcos regime where the peso was higher than the dollar, where the cost of living was manageable, where everything you see around you is owned by a Filipino...

sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if they hadn't toppled down Marcos sans his cronies...what it would be for us if we still have the advantage over the dollar...what it would be like if people in government stopped bickering like teenage girls and run the country like they are supposed to...what it would be like if there were less corrupt officials and more benefits for the people of the Philippines.

these are only my heartaches...if only it would all come true.

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