Friday, October 12, 2007

barbekyung pinoy!

everybody loves barbecue...young and old...they would never pass up the chance of consumating a good melee of pork chunks marinated with secret spices and grilled over hot charcoals to a cancer-induced high...yeah, everybody loves barbecue!
in the philippines, everything that is put on a grill and roasted is called a
"barbecue"...knowing the nature of filipinos in being inventive and adventurous in gastronomic delights...just look around, and in every nook and cranny of the city you may find a pit or two all fired up your favorite carcinogen filled kebab!

the list goes on, if you ask me...the ones called as IUD or "isaw" in manila or "tinae" in cebu or "tripilla" in bikol are the more popular ones in the food stalls serving this variety because its affordable and tasty according to connoisseurs. there's also the barbecued blood...barbecued hard-boiled egg which i found in cebu...being the adventurous type, i savored the moment tasting the street food available in these areas.

"street food" is what they usually call these type of mouth-watering, economical, and ready to eat!
according to studies, these char-broiled goodies are laced with carcinogens that may induce cancer if taken at a certain amount. these may also be source of hepatitis-b if food preparation is done unreligiously and without, everybody should be wary onto where they would buy their favorite barbecue. try to look for a "suki" of some sort...a manang whom you believe is concerned about the health of her customers and not just the cash register getting all filled-up.

no matter how enticing it may look and no matter how affordable it may be, try your best to be looking out for concerned of where you purchase your barbecue...just limit your intake and try to count the calories...more importantly, try to indulge on keeping a healthy balanced diet...vegetables and fruits wouldn't do any harm once in a while...but after writing this blog today, i might be visiting my favorite bbq site and order me a scrumptious variety of chicken, hotdog and pork barbecue for dinner and down it with an ice-cold liter of iced tea brimming with chunks of ice...yummmmmy!

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